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We serve and accompany the caregivers.

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About The Chaplaincy

Welcome to the chapel of the Divine Physician and St. Luke! When you think of the chaplaincy, think of home.

LUTH/CMUL Catholic Chaplaincy


We are a strong, vibrant and alive catholic community of the College of Medicine (CMUL) and Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). We are diverse individuals with Jesus at the centre of our life as a body, ready to serve and offer care in different spheres of life.
Ours is a community of faith, service and education with men and women of different cultures and backgrounds coming together in response to God, and in an unending encounter with Jesus Christ.

LUTH/CMUL Catholic Chaplaincy


The chaplaincy has been run by the Jesuits since 19.. With the North-West African provincial headquarters housing a community of Jesuits being just about 20 minutes drive away from the university teaching hospital, the chaplaincy members have always had a strong friendship with the Jesuits, attending each others’ events and accompanying one another on life’s journey. Thus, the Jesuit formation and spirituality of finding God in all things is one which continues to influence and guide the faith of the chaplaincy community.

What We Do

We provide a strong spiritual and pastoral support to members of the university and the community at large.
Patients and families at the hospital in need of pastoral care, attention and reception of sacraments are also duly attended to whenever they call, and visited as part of a routine.
Our service is to the Lord and the people in a variety of contexts, with a mission of healing of mind, body and spirit, while spreading the gospel in various forms to everyone we encounter. 

Homily & Reflection

Highlights from Homilies & Reflection

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Latest News & Upcoming Events 

LUTH/CMUL Catholic Chaplaincy


Due to thecovid19 restrictions, it is important to register ahead before attending Sunday masses. This is to allow for proper documentation of all attendees for each mass should there ever be need for tracing or tracking down those at a particular mass, and also so that we do not exceed maximum capacity considering the social distancing. Registration takes place between Tuesday to Thursday every week from 9am5pmby placing a call or sending a text message with your name and the particular mass you wish to attend

LUTH/CMUL Catholic Chaplaincy


The health talk that was held Information and knowledge about our health never gets too muchAs part of our preparation towards the agape celebration every year, we have a health talk ahead of the agape. This usually takes place during mass, on a day specially picked out for that purpose. A presentation on a particular health topic chosen by the …is given by a special guestafter which a question and answer session takes place.

LUTH/CMUL Catholic Chaplaincy


With hearts full of joy and thanksgiving, welcome as one big family before God grateful for the grace of a year well spent. Our agape celebration takes place every year beginning with a very beautiful and colorful liturgy, closely followed by a reception party with lots to eat and drink. This year’s event took place on the 15 of November and we are grateful to God for a successful celebration.

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